Waking Up

I could have easily missed this one.

This morning when I woke up I carefully extricated myself from the bed where I had just been sleeping. Without reason, I glanced back at the bed to see that only Fonzie had noticed my exit and was watching with interest. Joe, oblivious to my exit, with his good ear buried in the pillow snoozed on. Poor honey, his head had falling off the end of the bed and was dangling there, but he didn’t really mind, he’ll go on sleeping as long at least one human is there to butt up against or flop upon, as the need to reposition arises.

I was struck by the peaceful beauty of the tableau. It’s a simple puzzle of humans & animal pieces which move, shift, reconfigure and come together again and again night after night. Sometimes if there is thunder in the area Gruffy will join the configuration, making movements more intentional and strategic. Happily, on this night and as per usual he’s happy stretching out on his doggie bed at the foot of our bed.

I found myself smiling at the scene. I feel so fortunate to have the presence of mind to appreciate this, even without morning coffee.