Alexa Play Mr. Blue Sky

because revelle just isn't cutting it.

Recently, I’ve had the sense of beginning to reawaken after a long foggy dream state.

In the last year I’ve gained a new appreciation for the movie “Groundhog Day”. Get up, have coffee, Zoom your *(*& off, dinner, bed repeat. Oh, the mind-numbing repetition, but better safe than not.

I began to notice the heavy fog of Groundhog Day just beginning to slowly lift to reveal the beautiful clear blue sky. I know, it’s been there all along but I had somehow forgotten or was unable to see and appreciate it.

As you likely know, our bodies are naturally programed to respond to stressful situations. Anthropologically speaking, those who did not, quickly became food for hungry dinosaurs. But we are not evolutionarily equipped to handle the prolonged nature of our “always on” fast paced lifestyle. Then throw a pandemic on top of that and I think you know where I’m going with this. According to Mayo Clinic prolonged stress increases our risk of the following:

Anxiety, Depression, Digestive problems, Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep problems, Weight gain, Memory and concentration impairment

As I continue to reawaken to the blue sky, I have begun to notice new opportunities to live in gratitude with intention each day. Joe and I start each day by dancing and singing our way from between the sheets of our bed. I ask Alexa to play Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra and we’re up and at em’ bed made and coffee brewing before the song ends.

I’ve added other uplifting activities into my day such as The Smiling and Positivity Club on Clubhouse founded by Ron Gutman with nearly 30k club members.

Yesterday my brother and sister in law arrived, having driven from Bridgewater, MA to Tucson in celebration of everyone having been vaccinated. What a joy to have these wonderful people in our lives, so grateful for family.